D2L Monthly Upgrades – What’s New for May

Last week I told you a bit about the upgrade to D2L, which took place at the end of April.  Something else you should know is that Camosun College’s D2L will be going through monthly upgrades (called Continuous Delivery), and I will be bringing you news of what changes these upgrades will bring to you as they happen!

So, in a short series of posts, I will outline the main changes to D2L since the end of April.

First, here are the main changes from the May upgrade:

Rubrics in Discussions now transfer their scores into the Topic Score

I, personally, am excited about this new option.  What does it mean for you?  Well, if you use the D2L Rubrics tool to assess discussion postings, the overall grade in the rubric will now be automatically transferred into the Topic Score area for the discussion topic in question.   AND if you have your Topic connected to a Grade Item, you can publish that grade right to your Gradebook!

Here’s what it looks like:

  • Click Topic Score to open the RubricGradeWithRubric1
  • Select the scores on the Rubric and click Save and Close.GradeWithRubric2
  • Notice that the Rubric’s score now appears in the Topic Score areaGradeWithRubric3

And then, when you have completed assessing/scoring the Topic, you can select Publish to Grades and click Save and Close to export your grades to the Gradebook (if you have the Topic connected to a Grade Item).


Discussions calculation method addition – sum of post scores

This means that you now have the option of having all of a discussion posts’ scores added up for an entire Topic as the assessment for that Topic.

To find this, when editing the Topic, go to the Assessment tab and in the Select a calculation method drop-down, select Sum of post scores.


 If you have any questions about these, or any other changes to D2L, contact desupport@camosun.ca.


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