eLearning Winter 2016 Workshops Start This Week!!

Don’t miss out!   eLearning D2L Workshops for Winter 2016 start this week.

Here’s what is on the roster this month:

Getting Started with Desire2Learn (D2L)

Designed for new instructors and/or beginners to our learning management system, Desire2Learn (D2L), this workshop will provide participants with an overview of the essential teaching tools available in D2L, and how courses are set up and supported through eLearning Development and Support Services at Camosun College.  Whether you are looking to supplement your face-to-face classes, transition from using a basic course website, or simply want to learn more about how to enhance your current teaching methodologies with using D2L, this session has a little something for everyone. Come explore the possibilities!

Setting Up and Managing Your Gradebook in D2L

This hands-on workshop will focus on setting up your D2L Gradebook from start to finish. Please bring your course outline (or a breakdown of your assessment items) to the workshop if you wish to build your own Gradebook.

Managing your D2L Course

This workshop will provide an overview of how to administer your D2L courses by managing and customizing navigation bars and homepages, copying course component from one course site into another, and using other admin tools in D2L.  In addition, participants will learn how courses are set up and supported through eLearning Development and Support Services at Camosun College.

Using the Content Tool in D2L

Gain hands-on practice on using the Content tool in D2L.  In addition to being given an overview of the content tool, participants will also learn to organize and manage their course files (in the Manage Files area) and how to add modules and topics.

Creating Quizzes in D2L

Learn how to master the Quiz tool in D2L! This workshop will explore ways to create, customize and grade quizzes. We’ll also tackle creating randomized Quizzes and how to effectively set up your questions in the Question Library.

Managing Assignments Using the Dropbox

The Dropbox tool enables students to submit assignments online while streamlining the grading process for instructors. This workshop provides hands-on practice creating, managing and grading assignments using the assignment in-line viewer.

Register from the eLearning website at http://web.camosun.ca/cetl/content/elearning-winter-2016-workshops

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