D2L Tip of the week: The D2L On-Demand Training course

If you are a Camosun faculty member using D2L to support your course, you can get help using D2L tools anytime you need it.  Just log into D2L (http://online.camosun.ca) and look at the My Courses widget on the My Home page.  Click on the Student button (see below), and you will see our D2L v10.3 On-Demand Training course site.

My Home - Accessing On-Demand Training site

In the D2L v10.3 On-Demand Training course site, you will find videos and documentation giving step-by-step instructions on how to use all the tools in D2L.  To find these videos, click on the On-Demand Training Tools drop-down menu, and select Training Videos (see below).  Then explore.

Finding On-Demand Training Videos

Remember, we still recommend that you attend our D2L workshops or arrange for a one-on-one consult to learn the tips and tricks for using D2L and its various tools.  But the On-Demand Training course is great when you need a quick reminder of how to use a tool at 2:00 am when there is no one around to help you!

Note that if you do NOT see the D2L v10.3 On-Demand Training course in the My Courses widget, contact desupport@camosun.ca, and you will be set up with access.

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